Mod-U-Serve manufactures a flexible utility wall system which can be designed in any shape or size to fit all applications. Our walls offer the ease of a single point connection for electrical, water and gas utilities to supply an entire serving line and eliminate all exposed stub-ups and/or floor mounted receptacles. Each utility wall is engineered with future capacity in mind, allowing customers the flexibility to match their ever-changing equipment needs. All electrical connections are located on surface mounted faceplates, which include point of use breakers and receptacles for ease of access. These plates may be easily interchanged at any time to match new plug configurations, amp loads or voltage requirements. Our utility wall is fully UL and NSF listed as are all the components used during construction. Utility walls also provide a continuous counter front aesthetic to a modular serving line with a variety of front finishes and tray slide materials.


Mod-U-Serve utility risers offer a similar set of benefits as the utility wall, but in a more compact configuration. Utility risers are a great solution for retro-fit projects where utilities are present in the ceiling and need to be brought into the serving counter line, as well as new construction. Risers accommodate all ceiling types and heights and can house plumbing, electrical, gas and data lines for an entire serving line. Each model is fully constructed of 304 commercial grade stainless steel and UL listed components. All electrical connections have point of use breakers and all water and gas connections are provided with shut off valves. This versatile utility distribution product is easily installed in a single day and is an economical way to eliminate the expensive process of floor trenching or providing individual receptacles and/or stub-ups for each piece of equipment. Utility risers are also compatible with Mod-U-Serve Interconnect Boxes


Interconnect box systems consolidate all serving counter electrical connections into compact load centers which can be placed in a variety of locations within the serving counter line. These boxes allow numerous pieces of equipment to be combined into one electrical connection which can be either a cord and plug arrangement or a direct connection. This interconnect system maintains the plug and play feature of our mobile-modular counters, while still providing a single point electrical connection. As a result of the interconnect box being placed inside the serving counter, it eliminates the loss of usable storage space due to a traditional load center compartment, while still allowing for maintenance access. Interconnect boxes can also be daisy-chained together to span long runs between main connections and the equipment being powered. When used in conjunction with our utility riser, the Mod-U-Serve interconnect box offers an even easier solution when bringing in power from hard to access locations.


Our “under hood” utility distribution systems are compatible with all Mod-U-Serve hood models in addition to all other manufacturers cooking and ventilation equipment. Each utility connection is pre-wired and pre-plumbed within the UDS system to eliminate the numerous rough-in locations typically required to power various cooking equipment. This eliminates the inflexible, hard to clean mess of connections that are too often a point of frustration within the kitchen. All systems come with several available options including gas reset and solenoid controls, emergency shut offs, shunt trip main power breakers, cord and plug configurations for cooking equipment and are compatible with all exhaust hood fire systems.