Mod-U-Serve manufactures superior serving counter lines which are designed with flexibility, serviceability, durability and functionality in mind. Our mobile modular counter product line gives users the capability to move or replace individual equipment modules (versus the cutting and welding required with custom fabricated counters) to accommodate our customer’s ever-changing menu and capacity challenges. Modular counters are straightforward to install and can easily be brought back to the factory for refinishing, rework or repair.
Modular counter lines can be fabricated in an array of custom heights, lengths and depths to meet our customer’s specific needs and are available in finishes ranging from polished stainless steel to engineered stone and illuminated acrylic. 100% of every counter is constructed with commercial grade 304 stainless steel square tubing and formed sheet metal components. From start to finish, no corners are cut on material quality to ensure that the final product installed is unsurpassed in durability.
When paired with our Utility Distribution System, modular counters give owners industry leading versatility and make future electrical and plumbing changes an easy task to tackle without costly floor demolition. Schedule a shop tour today to learn more about our modular counter design and construction.


Mod-U-Serve’s Continuous construction or “Custom” serving counter lines are fabricated to all the same master craftsmanship standards that go into our modular serving counters. Continuous serving lines come in 3 varying types of construction: closed base, semi-open base and open base. Unlike typical custom serving lines, Mod-U-Serve counters are engineered with serviceability and future flexibility in mind and are easily serviced and retrofitted with different equipment at any time.
Continuous counters give customers a “seamless” one piece, uni-body aesthetic that shows beautifully in large spaces and provides an eye pleasing centerpiece to divide the front of the house from the back. In today’s challenging foodservice industry, Mod-U-Serve equipment withstands the test of time and the constant evolution of customer needs. Schedule a shop tour today to learn more about our continuous counter design and construction.


“I've been in the K-12 commercial kitchen equipment service for twenty-five years and have yet to find milk coolers that can hold the abuse that Mod-U-Serve coolers can. Their products built tough and made for many years of ownership. And their warranty and service are hard to match. They're a true quality manufacturer.”
- Ed Guzman – Project Coordinator at Northside ISD
“Our new Food Display Unit helped grow our high school participation by 20% and we continue to grow. Our HS administrators love it and best of all, the food service staff do too, and the unit is very durable and simple to maintain.”
- Judy Lee – Child Nutrition Director of Dickinson ISD
“They are the manufacturer I can always count on!”
- Mariella Naugher – Child Nutrition Director of HEB ISD